The cephalophore is a mythical figure of a saint or a demon, which holds it severed head in his arms. It is a bridge between incompatibilities, between life and death, between truth and fantasy, between the personal and the common, between transient and the eternal.

“If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments.”
Steven Wright

“In Radostin Sedevchev’s new project “Present Absence” the viewer is made to witness a kind of permanent yet rarely observed events truly meriting the definition – “the circle of life”.
Iara Boubnova

“The easy possibility of writing letters–from a purely theoretical point of view­–must have brought wrack and ruin to the souls of the world.”

Orchidea is nineteen, she lives in Sofia and is in love with Nasko, but at the same time she loves also Traycho and naturally the love towards them is not distributed evenly. The project investigatesinto this love triangle and its manifestations written down in the diary of the girl written in 1971.

One of the main human goals consists in the act of  “telling your story”. Even if it not the best story to tell, we insist that it’s heard, we have the need to write it down and sometimes even to publish it. 

 The project concentrates on the investigation of a text written on a fabricated postcard and more specifically, around one “Benny from Blue Hill, Maine” 

The “infidelity” of memory is a new melody – from old tunes” K. Pavlov

The project evolves around an on tick notebook from a local pub/grocery store in a Bulgarian village…

Josef Lorenz was born in 1846 in Badkönigswart, Austro-Hungary. Не died on 02.11.1918 in Michelsberg bei Plan, First Czechoslovak Republic. Despite the fact that he was dead, Lorenz was baptized and proclaimed Arian in 1934 right after the Nazi regime came to power in neighboring Germany.

Fifty years where not enough for the finding of the parts marked as “Normal”…

“I take nothing with me and nothing shall I find I am tired ahead of this which i shall not find…”

“…Unfortunately I can not come to you on Monday. I am prevented by the sudden death of my brother…”


Discarded list with the names of sexual partners, each and everyone left his trace. All of which draw a portrait of the complier…

Coal is a fuel, that is mined either true open or underground mining, it is a combustible, black-brown sedimentary rock that is formed from naturally compressed peat…

I imagined what the antique heads would look like if coloured once again…

Small booklet based on “like Gandy, like son” installation 2017 

The project evolves around an on tick* notebook from a local pub/grocery store in  Bulgarian village… Based on “Like Gandy, like son” installation 2017

Discarded list with the names of sexual partners…

Small book with overpainted gelatin-silver prints.

Overpainted encyclopedia where every double page is a proverb…