The memento is the scars, cuts and bruises. You could ask yourself why it seems so familiar? It seems we are tricked to think that our photographic memory has an immune system disorder. Particularly in this line of thought, we are left with something neither eternal nor transient; a perverted sense of self carried through a retinal detAchment.

Lars Nordby

Money is a peculiar human invention – as imaginary in its value and in the same time in avoidantly chaining us to reality. Money, however much we do not want to recognize it, is everything – the basic building blocks and measure of virtually everything our body (and not rarely our soul) needs in order to live.

Stefka Tsaneva

“In Radostin Sedevchev’s new project “Present Absence” the viewer is made to witness a kind of permanent yet rarely observed events truly meriting the definition – “the circle of life”.

Iara Boubnova

“… unknown people, engaged in various trivial everyday activities, which Radostin Sedevchev reveals to the audience as seen through his own eyes. The major story and the important, common-scale re-reading of the past is absent… Instead, the artist engages in the the continuous scrutiny of the minor and insignificant, which everyone can understand and interpret on their own.” 

Vladiya Mihaylova